A Day with Maria

September 19, hours before Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico the day was sunny. My friend and I were a little skeptical about the situation so we decided to have fun and enjoy the day. We went to the local skate park in Guayama and then went to the local skate park in Patillas. The day was too normal, it didn’t look like there was gonna be a hurricane so I proceeded to ignore the fact that A category 5 was gonna hit us.


We decided to go home and I noticed that the deadline is close and we don’t have much time. I went to sleep early through the night but a really loud noise woke me up. The sound of the wind going through the windows was too loud. You could hear a lot of noise outside like, trees cracking, zinc hitting the walls and cars. It was the scariest night of my life. The only thing we had to distract ourselves from all the ruckus was a small blue speaker to listen to music at least.


After a long dark night indoors the rain and all the wind start getting weaker so we decided to go out and take a look. Once I finally pop my head out of that door all I see is pure destruction. I was shocked by how much damage this hurricane did to my town. a lot of trees were gone, there was junk and scrap metal all around the place, cars were damaged and there was even a huge tree in the middle of the street. I asked my friend if he can come with me on an adventure and explore around, and so we did. We got in the car and started to look around and it was a disaster. I didn’t got that far away from my house because most places were blocked and we had to wait until they cleared the area. This was an unforgettable experience.



[Pictures by Jose Guerra Navarro]

The nights pass and we start getting bored so we decided to take some fun pictures to at least take something positive out of this hurricane. Messing around with the camera settings and the flashlight we ended up with some really cool pictures.


This was my experience with hurricane Maria. It was scary at first but somehow we ended up having fun!


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